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Two worlds collide

Brittany Conklin (Comm’01) and her boyfriend Ryan Ferguson

Brittany Conklin (Comm’01), CU-Boulder Alumni Association board member and a very proud Forever Buff (Comm ’01), stands in front of Mirror Lake on the Ohio State University campus with her boyfriend Ryan Ferguson who attended OSU. On their first date last year, he brought up the fact that CU would play OSU this season and they vowed to go.

Brittany wants to thank Ohio State fans who were beyond welcoming and gracious to their out-of-state opponents’ fans. When the Ohio State University Marching Band (TBDBITL) spelled out the CU logo on the field before the game and played our fight song, Brittany had tears in her eyes.

“It was a very classy move and the Buckeyes earned my respect,” she says. “Although the Buffs would ultimately lose the game, it was such an amazing experience for both of us. And win or lose, I’m always a Forever Buff!”

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