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Marni Spott (Ger, IntAf’12, MGer’12)

Alumni Association student worker and The Herd president Marni Spott (Ger, IntAf’12, MGer’12) just received a Fulbright award this week. She will be serving her year in a town in Southern Austria in the state of Carinthia called Spittal an der Drau (map).  It’s a picturesque town close to the Italian border nestled in the Austria Alps. 

The Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship program in Austria is a program offered to recent university graduates interested in working as teaching assistants in secondary schools in Austria.  U.S. Teaching Assistants are assigned to one or two secondary schools in Austria that need help teaching students English.  Those accepted into this program must be able to adapt to and embrace new cultures.  Teaching Assistants help teachers of English for 13 hours a week.  The program, overall, is a great way to gain a better command of both German and English.
More information can be found here.
Marni recently defended and passed her thesis defense.  Her thesis is titled “Racializing Islam: The Conceptualization of Race, Religion and Culture in Contemporary Germany.”  She also is finishing up her two-year term as president of The Herd.  She received the Forever Buffs Student Award at last year’s annual Alumni Association Awards Ceremony.

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