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Forever Buff basketball player Pat Frink victim of car crash

Pat (5) and Mike Frink (Courtesy photo)

Pat (5) and Mike Frink (Courtesy photo)

The heartbreak was palpable over the phone from its painful origins in Brazil to the other end of the line in Boulder.

Legendary Colorado basketball player Pat Frink was killed in an automobile accident early Sunday.

And a part of his big brother Mike died with him.

“It’s devastating,” Mike, retired and living in South America where he coached professional basketball for years, told me while packing up to make the unexpected trip to bury Pat on his ranch near Tucson, Ariz. “These kind of tragedies always blind side you, especially when it’s your only brother and your closest friend in life for 67 years.”

The report in the Arizona Daily Star about what happened read as follows:

“Patrick Edward Frink, 67, was driving a gray 2007 Ford F-150 south on Hayhook Ranch Road, about one mile south of Arizona 86, when he lost control of the truck.

“It rolled and he was thrown from the vehicle, said Deputy Dawn Barkman, a Pima County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman in a news release.

Read the rest at the Daily Camera Buffzone.

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