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The University of Colorado Boulder held its spring graduation ceremony on Friday, May 11, at 8:30 a.m. at Folsom Field.

The ceremony honored candidates for 6,237 degrees, including 4,830 bachelor’s degrees, 994 master’s degrees, 162 law degrees and 251 doctoral degrees for spring and summer.

The number of degree applications is the largest in the school’s history, and comes four years after the record-setting freshman class of fall 2008. That year, 5,833 freshmen enrolled, exceeding the previous record-setting class of 2006 that enrolled 5,617 freshmen.

The majority of bachelor’s degree recipients who entered CU-Boulder as freshmen are graduating in four years, according to the university’s Office of Planning, Budget and Analysis. Data from November 2011 show that almost 60 percent of 2010-11 bachelor’s degree recipients who started at CU-Boulder as freshmen earned their degrees in four years or less.

This year’s commencement address was given by Timothy V. Wolf, president of Wolf Interests Inc. Wolf is the former global chief financial officer of Molson Coors Brewing Co. and has served on the boards of Xcel Energy, Rally Software Development, Etown and the Leeds School of Business.

Here’s our photoset from the event.

Here’s a group shot of the class of 1962.

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