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Remembering Lance Gentry (IntlAf’91)

Lance Gentry (

From the Daily Camera:

Lance Gentry, president of Justin’s Nut Butter, remembered as ‘guy you wanted to be’

CEO of Boulder company: ‘He was really brilliant at bringing people together’
By Erica Meltzer
Camera Staff Writer

Lance Gentry oversaw the rise of Boulder-based Justin’s Nut Butter from a local farmer’s market product to a national natural foods brand.

“Lance brought an uncanny ability to just understand how things work,” Justin Gold, founder and CEO of the nut butter company, said this morning. “He was really brilliant at bringing people together and putting them in the right place and understanding their talent and letting them be themselves.”

Gentry died at home Friday night, surrounded by his family. He had been diagnosed with a brain tumor early in 2011. He was 43.

“The peace on Lance’s face when he passed was a tribute to the state of grace he was in, surrendering with dignity and beauty,” his family members wrote in a blog post about his passing.

Before working at Justin’s, Gentry was the vice president of marketing at Izze Beverage Company, another local company. Gentry joined Justin’s as vice president of marketing and sales. In a 2010 restructuring of the company, Gentry was promoted to president of the company while Gold remained the chief executive officer and face of the brand.

Gold said he first met Gentry at a marketing presentation at Naturally Boulder. The theme of the presentation was “how to stand out in a crowd,” and Gentry rode into the meeting aboard a Segway motorized scooter.

That wasn’t the only way he stood out in a crowd, though.

Read the rest at the Daily Camera.

Read the Coloradan article “The Natural” that features Barney Feinblum (MBA’75) and highlights Gentry and others who have played a role in the natural foods industry.

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