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Pac-12 Network launched Aug. 15

Pac-12 Networks and TV partners FOX and ESPN will ensure that every football and men’s basketball game is on television, this season and in seasons to come.  Just make sure your television provider offers Pac-12 Networks, and never again will you have to miss your school on the gridiron or the hardwood.

In addition to full coverage of football and men’s basketball, Pac-12 Networks will air an extensive menu of games not traditionally on television.  Approximately 700 Olympic sports events are slated for the networks during the 2012-13 athletic season, so you’ll be able to watch your university’s team play your favorite sport, whether it’s soccer, volleyball, water polo, softball or just about anything else.

The Golden Rule here is pretty simple: When trying to find your alma mater’s game, check Pac-12 Networks. There’s a good chance you will find it there … assuming your provider offers Pac-12 Networks, of course.  And if they don’t, call them and tell them they should.

The six Pac-12 regional networks will allow for geographically focused programming … in addition to the 350 national events that are aired simultaneously across all seven networks, each regional network will show nearly 100 Olympic sports events featuring one of the schools in the region.  For instance, Pac-12 Mountain will get a heavy dose of Colorado and Utah events, while Pac-12 Washington will load up on Washington and Washington State.  This national/regional mix will allow any Pac-12 Networks viewer to see the best games the conference has to offer, while also getting to focus on their local school.

The networks are the vision of Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott, who decided to launch a pre-emptive strike in the battle for enhanced recognition for the conference. Feeling like the Pac-12 has long been undervalued nationally, Scott proactively concocted a plan for increased exposure, finding a way for the accomplishments of the Pac-12’s student-athletes to get into millions of homes across the country. He struck a deal with cable powerhouses Comcast, Time Warner, Cox and Bright House to ensure the networks will be accessible to at least 40 million homes.

While the thorough coverage of football and men’s basketball gets a lot of attention, the conference is just as excited about the exposure its Olympic sports will finally receive. The Pac-12 has long been the leader in Olympic success and fans now will finally hear about these athletes before an Olympic year. Athletes such as Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Matt Biondi, Kerri Walsh and Natalie Coughlin all attended Pac-12 schools but didn’t become household names until after college. Pac-12 Networks will introduce similar athletes to the world while they are still competing collegiately.

At its core, the mission of Pac-12 Networks is to tell stories – the games themselves will create their own scripts, but the conference hopes to go well beyond on field-activities with a variety of compelling programs.  In May, Pac-12 Networks announced the hiring of Neuheisel, Sanders, and former USC defensive back and Hall-of-Famer Ronnie Lott, three high-profile conference alumni who will be the “Faces of the Network,” and who will be entrusted with telling the highest profile stories. The trio will not only provide analysis for the sports for which they are experts, but they will also branch out to introduce fans to athletes, coaches and teams across all sports and institutions.

Not only does the conference want its network to tell stories about the Pac-12, but it also wants the network to be created by the Pac-12. That means working with the institutions – including students and alumni – to shape the networks’ programming and its infrastructure. By way of example, the Pac-12 is already working with the UCLA Music Department to create music for its on-air promos.

As it relates to digital, Pac-12 Networks will have a robust online presence with its live video and on-demand content.  Pac-12 Networks is much more than just television – the company is a content platform for all 12 schools, which will enable fans to watch their favorite Pac-12 sport on just about any device. The conference has already earned 451 NCAA national championships – nearly double the number posted by any other conference. For that reason alone, the conference feels its networks are long overdue.

In many ways, Pac-12 Networks is especially tailored to you, the Pac-12 alum. Not only will you get unprecedented coverage of your teams, but you will get constant reminders of what makes you so proud of your alma mater.  From student-athletes’ inspiring off-the-field stories, to coverage of the most inspiring campus events, to groundbreaking research and development initiatives, Pac-12 Networks will be your source for what matters most at your favorite university, and in your favorite conference.  So as you are preparing for another great year of championship caliber Pac-12 sports, don’t forget to make Pac-12 Networks your favorite channel.

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