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Joining Forces: Book Arts in Collaboration

Presentation and Exhibit at the Norlin Library
Most artistic endeavors are solitary pursuits. Kitty Maryatt and Sammy Lee create opportunities to collaborate in order to produce artists’ books that are reflective of multiple perspectives. Hear their stories and see examples of their work on Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 7 pm in the Norlin Library 5th floor Center for British and Irish Studies. The event is free and open to the public.

Kitty Maryatt will describe how she works with her students at the Scripps College Press (Claremont, California) to create limited edition letterpress books each semester. She will also show how her own work influences and has been influenced by her projects at the college.

Sammy Seung-min Lee of Studio SML | k, Denver, works hand-in-hand with South Korean artists to create sculptural book works that reflect their philosophies and artistic processes as well as her own. She will talk about her synergetic experiences in partnering with other artists while respecting and preserving creative boundaries.

An open house in the Special Collections Rare Books Room from 1-7 pm on Thursday February 28 will feature examples of artists’ books from the department’s extensive collection.

Exhibits of Maryatt’s and Lee’s work are now on display in the Norlin Library until March 8, 2013 during regular Libraries hours as posted on the website. “Kitty Maryatt and Limited Editions from the Scripps College Press” is in the Norlin east lobby and “Artists’ Books by Sammy Seung-min Lee of Studio SML | k” is in the Norlin west lobby.

The Scripps College Press publishes and sells books created collaboratively by undergraduate students who take the Typography and the Book Arts class with Kitty Maryatt at Scripps College in Claremont, California. The students write the texts, make imagery, set metal type by hand, print by letterpress, and bind the limited edition of about 100 copies in the one-semester class.

Sammy Seung-min Lee is a book artist and proprietor of Studio SML | k in Denver, Colorado. Sammy incorporates her diverse studies in fine art, design and architecture to push the boundaries of her books by investigating and experimenting with spatial, narrative, and sequential qualities.  She studied bookbinding under master bookbinder and book artist, Daniel Kelm in Easthampton, Massachusetts.

The event and exhibition is sponsored by University Libraries ScriptaLab, Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers, Book Arts League, Friends of the Libraries, and Archives and Special Collections. http://ucblibraries/news/JoiningForcesEvent.pdf

Contact, 303-492-8302

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