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50-Year Reunion

Calling the Class of 1964! Celebrate your 50-year reunion with the Golden Anniversary Club during a fun-packed weekend on the beautiful University of Colorado Boulder campus during the 2014 Back to Boulder Homecoming Weekend, Oct. 23-26.  We are planning a special brunch and program for you Friday, Oct. 24! 

Here are the top reasons to attend:

  1. Share your stories and make new memories with others from the Class of 1964 during a special brunch and ceremony.
  2. Meet Alumni Association executive director Ryan Chreist (Kines’96, MPubAd’09) and get an update with what’s happening at CU-Boulder.
  3. Catch a glimpse of the Flatirons as you enjoy Boulder’s spectacular mountains, restaurants and shops.
  4. Participate in the numerous Back to Boulder activities which will occur during a three-day period both on and off campus.

Class of 1964 50th Reunion Class Gift

A class gift is a way to give back to your university and preserve the special memories of your time at CU-Boulder.

Last Year’s Pictures

Want to see last year’s fun? See the pictures here.

9 thoughts on “50-Year Reunion

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  9. Please send me the details of the Reunion for Alumni graduating 50 yrs or more ago.
    I would like to attend with my grandson who is planning to study at CU
    Thanks, Fred

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