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50-Year Reunion

Calling the Class of 1964! Celebrate your 50-year reunion with the Golden Anniversary Club during a fun-packed weekend on the beautiful University of Colorado Boulder campus during the 2014 Back to Boulder Homecoming Weekend, Oct. 23-26.  We are planning a special brunch and program for you Friday, Oct. 24! 

If you would like to serve on the planning committee for this spectacular event, please contact Jackie by email or call 303-492-8485.

Here are the top reasons to attend:

  1. Share your stories and make new memories with others from the Class of 1964 during a special brunch and ceremony.
  2. Meet Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano and get an update with what’s happening at CU-Boulder.
  3. Catch a glimpse of the Flatirons as you enjoy Boulder’s spectacular mountains, restaurants and shops.
  4. Participate in the numerous Back to Boulder activities which will occur during a three-day period both on and off campus.

Class of 1964 50th Reunion Class Gift

A class gift is a way to give back to your university and preserve the special memories of your time at CU-Boulder.

Join the committee to help select the class gift! If you’re interested, contact Jackie by email or call 303-492-8485.

Last Year’s Pictures

Want to see last year’s fun? See the pictures here.

9 thoughts on “50-Year Reunion

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  9. Please send me the details of the Reunion for Alumni graduating 50 yrs or more ago.
    I would like to attend with my grandson who is planning to study at CU
    Thanks, Fred

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