MAVEN Hits Milestone

The CU-Boulder-led mission to Mars, MAVEN, just hit its scheduled milestone and is continuing toward its target, the Red Planet. By 7 p.m. EST on Feb. 4, MAVEN had traveled 136,949,317 miles.
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MAVEN Mars mission has flawless launch

The CU-led MAVEN mission to Mars was successfully launched by NASA on Monday, Nov. 18. The orbiter is now on its way to study the Red Planet with a cargo of sensitive instruments designed to help us better understand the mysteries of the Martian atmosphere, and possibly reveal how the planet lost its ancient and potentially life-sustaining environment.
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MAVEN Solar Wind Electron Analyzer Seeks Answers at Microscopic Levels

When the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission reaches Mars to study why the Red Planet is losing its atmosphere, one of its instruments will look to electrically charged particles called electrons for answers.
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CU-Boulder faculty, staff and students have been working hard on MAVEN. CU-Boulder’s role is to lead mission, provide science operations and direct education and public outreach efforts.
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MAVEN: Q&A with Alex DeWolfe

I manage the Science Data Center, which is where we store the MAVEN science data and distribute it to the MAVEN team.
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Thanks for Joining Us at the UMC!

Students from Boulder schools gathered at the UMC to watch the MAVEN launch live. The Alumni Association set up a photo booth and you can see the images in our Flickr gallery here.


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