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CU License Plate

Show your CU pride – nothing says “Forever Buffs” like our plates!

If you are a resident of Colorado, you can order CU license plates! Not only can you proudly show your affiliation with CU, but you will also be supporting the CU alumni scholarship program. Since the program began Jan. 1, 2000, donations for the CU license plates used in the State of Colorado have raised nearly $500,000 for scholarship programs.

Here are the steps to get a CU alumni license plate:

  1. Plan ahead . . . the CU License Plate certificate will be mailed to you.
  2. Contact the Alumni Association at 800.492.7743 to make a $50 donation and to obtain the required State of Colorado Certificate.
  3. Take the Certificate to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, the Department of Motor Vehicles will charge a one-time $50 processing fee.
  4. The DMV will send you your plates via US Mail.

Please note, payment of the $50 scholarship donation to the CU Foundation does not in and of itself get you the license plate.


How long do I own my new plates for?

As long as you keep them registered – note, if you move and discontinue your registration, you will have to go through this process again to register and obtain the plates again.

How can I get the certificate for CU plates?

You can visit the CU Alumni Association (1202 University Ave., southeast corner of University and Broadway in Boulder), call 800-492-7743, 303-492-2279 or use the Alumni Association general email.

When can I get my plates and do I have to obtain them right away?

Get your CU plates today!If you would like to get the plates immediately, but don’t actually need to renew your license plates until a later month, the DMV will prorate the registration fee for the time remaining until your registration expires.

Can I pay for two vehicles on one application?

Yes, but make sure the names on the application exactly match the names on the vehicle title. A scholarship donation must be made for each set of plates you order. For example, if a husband and wife want plates on both of their cars, they would owe $100. Their total amount paid will be $200, with $100 going to CU and $100 to the state of Colorado.